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  2. Venturing into the left field is risky business for any builder. Go too far, and you could end up with a garish and impractical machine. But ride the line between quirky and classy just right, and you’ll have a hit on your hands.
    Christian Schwarzenlander’s Yamaha SR500-based “ExesoR MACHINE” strikes that balance beautifully. Operating out of Austria as ExesoR Motorcycles, Christian’s aim was to build a café-racer-styled custom, “with a touch of Dieselpunk.” (via Yamaha SR500 by ExesoR Motorcycles | Bike EXIF)

  3. Keith Baker Design have recently completed the Cadence Residence on Vancouver Island, Canada. (via Cadence Residence by Keith Baker Design » CONTEMPORIST)

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    my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

  5. The Philadelphia Zoo recently celebrated the public debut of some amazing new residents: Four African Lion cubs (via New Pride at Philly Zoo - ZooBorns)


  6. New Zealand was preparing to conduct national covert surveillance last year, a US investigative journalist has said.
    The claims by former Guardian newspaper reporter Glenn Greenwald were denied by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.
    The report was based on information disclo …


  7. WikiLeaks has today released parts of the FinFisher surveillance suite, as well as a customer list that it claims includes the police forces of the Netherlands and New South Wales, and the intelligence arms of the Hungarian, Qatari, Italian, and Bosnian governments.
    Based on t …


  8. Harvard scientists have invented a new artificial spleen that is able to clear toxins, fungi and deadly pathogens such as Ebola from human blood, which could potentially save millions of lives.
    Blood can be infected by many different types of organ infections as well as contam …

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  10. Space International designed the Deronda residence, located in Los Angeles, California. (via Deronda Residence by Space International » CONTEMPORIST)

  11. Belzberg Architects designed the Kona Residence, located in Hawaii. (via Kona Residence by Belzberg Architects » CONTEMPORIST)

  12. Stoos Customs are behind the fabrication of the SC Rambler, Wesley Reyneke’s Kawasaki W650 (via Wes’ Kawasaki W650 “SC Rambler” | Bike EXIF)


  13. Costa Rica has begun to reform its postal address system, which uses landmarks and directions instead of street names and numbers.
    According to a study from the Inter-American Development Bank, the country loses an estimated $720m (£440m) a year in revenue associated wit …

  14. The Zurich Weltzeit is NOMOS’ take on the GMT. The case of the True Blue is polished stainless steel, tripartite, with straight lugs. It measures in at 10.85 mm thick and 39.9 mm wide (via Introducing The NOMOS True Blue Zurich Weltzeit, A Favorite Receives A New Dial, And In-House Escapement — HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories)

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