1. The Crow’s Nest is a ski cabin located at 7,080 feet elevation, on the mountain of the same name in the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. Anchored on the slope, and responsive to its setting, the cabin design explores the intersection of classic modern aesthetics, craft, and the extreme climatic conditions of the site. (via The Crow’s Nest / BCV Architects | ArchDaily)

  2. A remote, 76-foot lighthouse is for sale in Maine, and it could be yours for only $30,000. (via BLDGBLOG: Buy a Lighthouse)

  3. It needs some work to bring it back to its best, but this 1960s Tim Seibert-designed midcentury modern property in Nokomis, Florida is still a stunning build.
    A bay-fronted property that is on the market for the first time, this place was designed by Tim Seibert, a member of the Sarasota School of Architecture, back in 1965. As a structure, things haven’t changed too much since, with the bold design, open spaces and walls of glass still a contemporary proposition today. More images on the listing, with an asking price of $1,985,000, which is around £1,157,090 at today’s rates. (via On the market: 1960s Tim Seibert-designed midcentury modern property in Nokomis, Florida, USA « WowHaus)

  4. Founder Piers Berry presents a new take on the foundation model with the Pinion Axis Bronze Dusk – a rendition of the original Axis in bronze with a brown dial. (via Hands-On With The Pinion Axis Bronze Dusk, Another Contender In The Growing Bronze Watch Category — HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories)

  5. The Honda GB250 is one of those small bikes with a big heart—in this case, an air-cooled single that pumps out a healthy 30 bhp in stock form. The GB250 tips the scales at less than 130 kg (280 lbs), and thanks to low gearing, is capable of out-dragging much more powerful machines at the traffic lights.
    The downside is somewhat anonymous looks. But with this new build, the Australian shop Ellaspede has revealed the potential of the humble GB250—and boosted the performance even further (via Honda GB250 by Ellaspede | Bike EXIF)

  6. Gregor Czaykowski at the webcomic Loading Artist did a makeover of the website and did several comics about the process. This one should be familiar to anyone who ever launched a new website. It’s one of the reasons why millions of bloggers don’t stick with it more than a few weeks. (via Launching a New Website - Neatorama)


  7. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office is asking for the public’s help to find who donated three human skulls to a Bellevue thrift store.
    There is no information about who donated the skulls to the Bellevue Goodwill or how they came to be in the donor’s po …

  8. templesmith:

    Bad rabbit. Denver comicon commission. 

  9. The new X-TREM-1 Chocolate could not be any more different from it’s cousin. Instead of the bright blue and orange we have a subdued color palette of rich chocolate brown PVD titanium and red gold, complemented by a matching matte alligator strap. You might be wondering just how exactly the X-TREM-1 work. The two sapphire tubes on either side of the case each contain a hollow steel sphere that is not physically connected to the movement at all. Instead, the movement contains silk threads holding magnets that move up and down to control the spheres, effectively giving you a retrograde display. These magnets have to be extremely precise so as not to interfere with the functioning of the movement. Here the spheres are colored to match the red gold of the case as well as the printed indexes. (via Introducing The Christophe Claret X-TREM-1 Chocolate, A Combination Of Red Gold And PVD Titanium — HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories)

  10. Rooting Shank (Oudemansiella radicata) by Red Wolf

  11. Two Fennec Foxes (Vulpes zerda) show some affection in the late afternoon light (via 500px / Fennec Kiss by Andrew Bertram)

  12. (Source: youtube.com)

  13. The notion of building one’s own custom motorcycle is romantic—but not without its pitfalls. Some shed-builders run out of budget. Others struggle to create something truly unique, or lack the obsessiveness required for the tiny details.
    But some home-brewed bikes stand head and shoulders above the rest, like this charming and well-crafted 1973 BMW R75/5. It belongs to Daniel McNeill, a sound engineer from Austin, Texas, who spent “two long years sweating it out” in a tiny shed in his back yard to complete it. (via Shed-built 1973 BMW R75/5 | Bike EXIF)

  14. Minimal and raw, yet textured and welcoming, thePaddington Residence is an exploration of flexibility, space, and materials. Designed by and for Ellivo Architects’ Principal Mason Cowle and his family, the challenge was to bring a rigorously contemporary home to an historical neighborhood (via Paddington Residence / Ellivo Architects | ArchDaily)

  15. It looks every bit the period property from the outside, but the inside of this 1930s E. William Palmer-designed art deco property in Brighton, East Sussex is very much contemporary living. (via On the market: 1930s E. William Palmer-designed art deco property in Brighton, East Sussex « WowHaus)